Resonance School of Music Press Release 


We find ourselves in a current of unprecedented events, seemingly swimming upstream against wave after wave of changes in our daily lives, our professional lives and the economy as a whole. The spread of Covid-19 has been swift and ill-prepared for and extraordinary measures have been asked to be taken of all of us for the greater benefit of public health. In an attempt to band together with our societal obligations, the Resonance School of Music has opted to shut down both of our studios. This has not been an easy decision for us to leave our students without musical guidance and teachers without work, but again we ask that you band together with us to wait out this biological storm. 

As of Thursday, March 19th Resonance School of Music will be closed for all lessons, studio time, and any other service we may provide and will remain so for the remainder of the month of March. During this time, our school will be working on building an alternative option for music education. April 1st will be our first glimmer of rebirth when we begin our pursuit of proper Online Music Lessons. These lessons will have to be for exclusively specific subjects due to the limits of the impersonal nature of this format, meaning we will only have online lessons for piano, guitar, drums, music theory, and music history. These lessons will only be taught by three of our staff members for the month of April. Remaining optimistic, as we try to be at Resonance, we are following the guiding light of May to bring back our full team of musicians and teachers, in the hopeful circumstance that there is a return to normalcy by then. 

There may be many questions and concerns involving payment and financial involvement with what has or hasn’t been paid for lessons already in the month of March and April. The months of April and March will be billed as one month, so if you’ve paid in full for March, April is included in that bill. Automatic payments will not be run for April. 

Over the next few weeks, we will also have our sights set for the summer of camps and lessons here at Resonance, so, please keep an eye out for that information. Seeing that spring brings about our saving for the season of vacations and missed lessons we will be at a disadvantage entering the toughest season of the year for our school. We ask that you do consider our camps and even our online lessons with serious intent at the moment to help support the life of this school and those who rely on us to make a living. To help support us further you can show your interest in future plans not just through online lessons and summer camps but also through gift certificates that can be bought from our online school store. 

Addressing many concerns as there can be at this time through one statement is a feat that can leave a lot of questions and if those questions are running circles in your mind please don’t hesitate to reach out. While our school is closed, our hearts are not. Communication will continue through emails, phones (when possible) and social media. In a time of confusion and panic, we are attempting to make a judicious decision that reflects our values and has the wellbeing of everyone who is a part of the Resonance Family. Thank you for being patient with us, as our patience has been tried in the decision as well and we look forward to offering the gift of music again later in the spring and summer. 

Coming Back To Lessons. 


  • No Lessons, either in person or online, will be taught for the month of March. 
  • We will move to online lessons for those who are interested in April. 
  • We hope to be back in the studio by May, but if this is not possible we will continue online. 
  • We also hope to have group classes and awesome summer camps to help bring our school back to life this summer. We will be releasing this information in the next 2 weeks. 


Billing Questions.

  • For all billing purposes, March and April will be considered one billing period. 
  • If you took lessons in March and have an unpaid balance we still consider these payments due for the lessons taught at our per-lesson rate. However, if you need time to pay these balances let us know. We will be sending out bills via email by April 15th. 
  • If you paid in March. You will be given lesson credit in the form of makeup lessons. These credits can be used for your return to lessons, online classes or our summer camps. 
  • As of right now, we are calculating all of your billing so we will not be able to answer billing questions until April 1st when we can grasp a clearer picture. 



The Competition has been postponed. We have received a detailed email that MAMTG is working on alternatives and is trying to negotiate a new date with the venue. DO NOT BOOK HOTEL ROOMS AT THIS TIME. As we know more we will let you know.  

Online Lessons. 

At Resonance School of Music, we value the quality of our programming. Our online classes in Music Theory are amazing, and we want to deliver our very best in our online format. Over the next two weeks, we will be doing just that. Online Lessons, in music theory, piano, drums, and guitar are available. These lessons are built on our canvas classroom system. At Resonance, we have been offering online lessons for Music Theory for over a year. Our students include students from all over the country, however, that format has been only available for Music Theory. As an institution of learning, we want to deliver the best we can to make sure our students are progressing. We will be offering 4 music courses. They’re listed below. If your interested please fill out the form. 

Online studies for Voice Students in terms of lessons is difficult. So we encourage our voice students to take our online Music Theory courses when possible. They will deliver a deeper understanding of music normally not achieved in private voice study. 


Online Music Course Guide. Course Will Start April 1st. 


Music Explorations 1

Ages 5-8. Music Theory Elementary Program, Music Listening, and the Instruments of the Orchestra. Guided Practice of your instrument. 


Music Explorations 2

Ages 8 – 18  Music Theory, Music Listening, and History 


Music Theory 1

Ages 13- Adult  A twelve-week long course in Music Theory and History. This is an Advanced Course. 

Music Theory/ Advanced Lessons. 

Must be on an RCM level of 7 or higher. These are for our most advanced students. If possible we recommend that these students, that qualify take this course. 





Online Music Program Registration

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