Conservatory Program

Certificate in Music Theory and Composition.

All students who complete this checklist will receive an honorary certificate of completion in Music Theory-Composition from the Resonance School of Music Conservatory Program.

The Conservatory classes at Resonance School of Music offer a comprehensive and more intense training in music. These courses offer our students a top-tier training in music theory, history, and composition. Students are able to take classes in order to cultivate their skills and become a more fluent musician. These classes are great for instrumentalists and vocalists that are trying to continue with a professional career in the arts. Each in studio class is ten weeks in length, however, their is no time limit to complete the program.  All students need to test out of a course before taking the next level in the series. Students taking online courses will be required to post test scores to their Resonance Student Portals. Students who complete the requirements in each field below will be awarded a Certificate in Music Theory and Composition.

In Studio Courses

  These Courses Must Be Taken In Order
  • RSM Music Theory I/ Baroque History Written
  • RSM Music Theory I Aural
  • RSM Music Theory II Classical History Written
  • RSM Music Theory II Aural
  • RSM Music Theory III Romantic History Written
  • RSM Music Theory III Aural
  • RSM Music Theory IV Contemporary History Written
  • RSM Music Theory IV Aural
  • RSM Song- Writing I
  • RSM Song Writing II
  • Online Piano Course Or Guitar Course (Just Need One)
      11 Classes Total

Courses (Online Track)

  • These Courses Must Be Taken In Order
  • Online Theory 1,2,3 Complete Courses
  • Online Theory 4,5,6 Complete Courses
  • Online Theory 7,8,9 Complete Courses
  • Online Theory 10,11,12 Complete Courses
  • Online Song Writing Courses ( Choose 2 )
  • Online Instrument Lessons (Choose 1)
(Online Exit Tests) All the online courses we use have a certificate of completion. Students in the online school will upload these certificates to the Resonance Online Portal after the completion of each section in order to receive credit. (Portfolio of Work) Students will need to submit a portfolio of completed compositions. The portfolio should include four items:
  1.  A piece for solo instrument.
  2. An arrangement of a contemporary piece.
  3.  A piece of music for 2 or more instruments.
  4. An original chorale 20 measures.
  14 Classes Total

Conservatory Program Course Descriptions

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At Resonance School of Music, we encourage our students by inspiring them toward greatness. So that they can imagine their dreams and strive to conquer their goals with each new skill they acquire here.  Do you think you have the dedication to take your music to the next level? Come start your musical journey with us today! We are conveniently located in Sewell, NJ close to Mantua, Mullica Hill, Pitman, Washington Township and West Deptford.

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