Online Music School 

Online Private Lesosns

Online Private Lessons are taught using the Video Conference Platform “Google Hangouts.” All of our private lessons are taught LIVE from inside our studio to your home using your registered account with us.

To start as a student you will need to book and pay for your first course. A studio coordinator will reach out to you prior to your first lesson to show you around the dashboard and sign you up for the google hangouts platform.

Each teacher will access and assign coursework after every lesson to help create long-lasting skills and understanding. All continuing students are assigned an achievement level set in our curriculum to help track each student progress as they move through our programming.

Private online study helps those who may be stuck taking an online course and need clarification on the material presented, or those trying to pursue harder more intensive training on their instruments.

 Online Booking.

To book your first online lesson please use the Online Booking feature below. You will need to create a mind-body account with us first, this is the scheduling software our teachers use to track, schedule and charge for lessons. If you already have an account please log in and walk through the process of booking. For further assistance please call the studio (856) 956 -3036 ex. 2

Our teachers book using Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada).

All Lessons Are Taught In English.

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