Piano Lessons

Resonance School of Music offers piano lessons for all ages taught to the RCM guidelines.

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons in traditional and contemporary styles are available at our Sewell Studio.

Guitar Lessons

We offer guitar lessons in all styles including classical.

Drum Lessons

Our drum lessons feature a great mixture of techniques, rudiments and styles.

String Lessons

String lessons are available at our Sewell Studio.

Conservatory Music

Pre-college music programs are available for students looking for a career in music.

Jam Band

The Jam Band at Resonance is an ensemble program where our students perform as a band.

Music For Little Mozarts

Preschool Piano Music Classes for students ages 3-5 years old.

At Resonance School of Music, we encourage our students by inspiring them toward greatness, so that they can imagine their dreams and strive to conquer their goals with each new skill they acquire at the studio.  Do you think you have the dedication to take your music to the next level? Well, come start your musical journey with us today!

Proudly providing music lessons in South Jersey. We are conveniently located in Sewell, NJ close to Mantua, Mullica Hill, Pitman, Washington Township and West Deptford.

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Matt’s Music Monday #13

Nick Johnston - A Cure Promised Like many of the artists I discover, I found Nick Johnston through the Spotify related artists radio. I was introduced to his work Remarkably Human and instantly fell in love. I think he achieves the perfect blend between technique and...

The Benefits from Music to your Health

Music is a truly incredible thing. It can help us express our emotions, remember things with a catchy tune, and can even boost cognitive performance. Music can affect one's health, as well. It is a relatively new field of study, but a groundbreaking one at that. ...

Matt’s Music Monday #4

Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Island In celebration of his birthday this past Friday, we start off this week with "Cantaloupe Island". This piece has become a standard in the jazz community and may be heard in academic and professional settings. The piano and bass have...

Matt’s Music Monday #16

Giuda - Overdrive It may be surprising to hear that this song is brand new and came out in April of this year! Formed in Italy just 12 years ago, the band Giuda is combining some of the most popular elements of punk, classic rock, and heavy rock in a very successful...

Sound in Architecture

When architects design buildings, one of the last things they consider is the way sound moves through the building itself.  This is a commonly overlooked feature that can have many negative effects ranging from structural integrity to uncomfortable environments. ...

Matt’s Music Monday #10

Moon Hooch - St. Louis I think if you asked most people to pick 3 instruments to form a band with, probably no one would choose 2 saxophones and a drummer. Moon Hooch started in 2010 as buskers in New York and their growth has been fun to watch. I first experienced...

The Practice of Practice (Part 2): The Application

Now the crux of it all, the part where we get our hands dirty. After a long arduous search for the perfect practice space and the tediousness of preparation is in the past we can begin to dig into the music, the sirens’ call to which none can save their triremes from...

Matt’s Music Monday #3

Joanna Wang - Wild World We start off this week's playlist with a smooth cover of a classic by Cat Stevens. Half of the time when I'm listening to music it's on an artist radio and songs just play one after another. Every now and then a song catches me and I add that...

Our Thoughts on Hamilton: An American Musical — A step in a New Direction

If you’re reading this (a blog article about Hamilton), chances are you have probably heard of and/or listened to Hamilton: An American Musical. If you haven’t, by the time you’re finished reading this you’ll probably want to. Hamilton is a (fairly) new entirely...

Gregorian Chant: An Integral Part to Music History

Medieval music is the earliest period of music history, ranging from the years c. 500- 1400. Music during this time consisted of liturgical vocal music for the Catholic Church as well as secular vocal and instrumental pieces. One of the main components of liturgical...

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