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How do payments work?

Private Lessons: Tuition is billed monthly and is due at the first lesson of each calendar month.

Group Classes:  pricing depends on the amount of private study being taken by the student.

Can I practice on an electronic keyboard?
We strongly encourage practicing on traditional acoustic pianos. Keyboards are acceptable for non-piano students, or for piano students in a temporary or other special situation.
What are the benefits of studying piano?
Piano lessons are very beneficial for both children and adults. For children, it benefits education skills used in reading, science, and math. It helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, as well as brain and memory development. Adults who study music enjoy better emotional and physical health. They also have the benefits of personal satisfaction, increased confidence, coordination, enhanced memory and concentration.
Will there be opportunities to perform?
Yes! We have two recitals per year, one recital in the summer and one in the winter. These are open to all current students. Recitals are completely free and we encourage students to bring as many family and friends.
How do I really excel at music?
The most important thing is to play your instrument frequently. We recommend a minimum of 15 minutes per day, but 30-45 minutes per day will produce more rapid improvement. It helps to make playing your instrument a daily habit and to establish a good environment for playing. Work with your teacher to play music that you like and that challenges you.
What is the minimum age for learning an instrument?

We recommend private music lessons start when students are at least 5 years old to play most instruments (including violin, piano, and drums). This is mainly because students need a certain amount of attention span, self-awareness, and maturity that usually isn’t quite there until 5 years of age. For guitar, we recommend 7 years old, because more finger strength is necessary to press down the strings correctly on the fretboard.

For families of younger students, we recommend our Music For Little Mozarts program. This program is geared towards 4-6 year old students and helps prepare these students for the private setting.

Am I too old to learn music?
No! We have students from 3 to 85. All ages are welcome at Resonance!
Will private lessons help me learn to read music and/or music theory?
All of our teachers are required to teach music literacy and will emphasize music theory in each lesson. We teach each student the necessary skills to become a musician and that involves being musically literate.

Interested in a Trial Lesson?

All prospective students interested in private lessons can book a trial lesson online. This trial lesson is used to share your goals and questions with our instructors before we get started. It will also help us determine which curriculum may be the right match for you.  Using the calendar below you can book a trial lesson online. We do require a $25 deposit to book online. The deposit will be returned to you on your first visit or credited to your first month of lessons. 

Have a question?

Please feel free to contact us prior to booking your lessons with us online, just fill out the form below and a faculty member will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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At Resonance School of Music, we encourage our students by inspiring them toward greatness. So that they can imagine their dreams and strive to conquer their goals with each new skill they acquire here.  Do you think you have the dedication to take your music to the next level? Come start your musical journey with us today!

We are conveniently located in Sewell, NJ close to Mantua, Mullica Hill, Pitman, Washington Township and West Deptford.

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