Resonance Recording

Resonance Recording was started as a way to connect local artists to the thriving South Jersey/Philadelphia music scene.  Whether you are an experienced band looking to record your latest album or a talented guitarist wanting to lay down your first track, we can help you achieve your goals.  With our highly trained staff, we will make sure you have everything you need for your recording experience.

Resonance Recording

Recording Studio Services

Full-Service Recording Studio


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With so many people tracking on laptops in bedrooms, make your project stand out with that huge yet clear sound you can only get in a real, purpose built professional recording facility. Learn more about our studio today.
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One part science, two parts art, mixing at its best is a skill honed and refined over many years by a professional striving for excellence in his craft. Let our resident sound engineer Christian take your recordings and shape them into a radio-ready mix you can be proud of.

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With our ridiculously accurate monitoring environment and many years of mastering experience, you can trust us to make the right eq and other processing decisions to bring out just the rIght amount of energy, punch, and clarity in your mixes.


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Backing Track Creation

Let our Resonance Recording house musicians create the perfect backing track for your performance or audition. We provide full arrangement and piano reductions for all genres.
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Arranging & Orchestration

Do you have a great composition that needs the magic touch of an orchestrator? Do you need help with a backing track for auditions? We have in-house music arrangers and composers ready to create captivating music masterpieces for your songs, taking your recording to the next level.
recording studio south jersey

Singer-Songwriter Production

Singer-songwriters will find comfort in the expertise provided at Resonance Recording. Our complete packages help to not only develop your music overall but also to develop your personal brand. We offer demos, website development, and photography in our singer-songwriter packages.


Streaming Platforms

Get your music out there on all of the major streaming platforms. Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and More!


Your music is your music! With us, you get to keep 100% of your royalties.

Physical Copies

CDs and Album printing is available



Want a website without too much work? We can display your band on our Bands Page.


Help spread your brand while also making some extra side cash with your very own merchandise.

Live Shows

Get out there and play! We can help get your band playing in shows.

Resonance Recording Samples

Listen to some of our samples today!

Our Packages and Rates

Recording Rates

  • Recording Sessions (2-hour minimum) —- $60.00/hour
  • Mixing———– $60.00/hour
  • Mastering——  $60.00/hour
  • Studio Musician—— $40 – 65/hour

All services are billed in 15-minute increments. Keep in mind that most editing, post-production, mixing, and mastering is done without the client present, and you will still be charged the same hourly rate for this work. We will be able to give estimates prior to booking of how long these processes will take.

Additional Packages

  • Singer- Songwriter — Voice and One Instrument

                   1 completed Song—-  $100.00 (1-hour recording and 1-hour edit and master)

  • Karaoke – Singer       

                1 completed song ——- $75.00 

Tracking Blocks:

  • 2 Hour Block ——— $120.00
  • 4 Hour Block ——— $225.00
  • 8 Hour Block ——–– $420.00
  • 16 Hour Blocks —— $780.00

9 consecutive hours in the studio, which includes 8 hours of session time and 60 minutes of break time (four 15 minute breaks, two 30 minute breaks or two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute break).


  • $10 per Song
  • $30 per Album

Bring your music to all of the major streaming platforms and earn 100% of your royalties.


Contact to partner with Resonance Recording to sell merchandise, have an online presence, and book more shows.


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