Jessica Allossery – Up in the Blue

Here’s another artist that was shared with me by one of the parents of the studio. This is Allossery’s most recent song which was released just 5 days ago. It’s the newest song I have shared so far. Her singing and guitar work are delicate and inviting. This song gives me feelings of comfort and sadness at the same time. She released another track “Happy Place” earlier this year. Maybe we’re in store for a new album soon?

Mike Pinto – Crooks

I’ve really been loving this song lately! It opens with a slow solo guitar with echo and reverb effects which misdirect your expectations for the groove that follows. Although the lyrics are a little dispiriting, the song is really catchy. You can hear a blend of influences like Reggae, Blues, Latin, and Pop. I hope you like this one as much as I do.

Pyort Goncharov – Krestu Tvoemu

I first discovered this song when I was a member of the men’s choir at Rowan University. Christopher Thomas taught the class. It was so much fun singing this in the large ensemble room with 40 other guys. I was able to really feel the vibrations more and the power of all of our voices. It made my hair stand on ends sometimes. This was one of my favorite pieces.

Albert King – Born Under A Bad Sign

One of the three Kings of the blues, Albert is responsible for the repeatedly covered blues standard “Born Under A Bad Sign”. If there were a real book for Blues music like there is for Jazz, then this song would be in there. The rest of his work is full of high quality guitar work so this song should be the perfect gateway into his music.

Jason Vieaux – In A Sentimental Mood

Jason Vieaux is currently one of the top 10 best classical guitarists in the world. He performs, records, and attends guitar festivals throughout the world. His album Play received a Grammy in 2015 for Best Classical Instrumental Solo. This rendition of “In A Sentimental Mood” is masterfully done and is a great homage to the original.

Duke Ellington – In A Sentimental Mood

The second genre standard to make an appearance on this list, “In A Sentimental Mood” is truly the definition of a classic. Harmonies in this song are just the perfect blend of tension and resolve. The melody is done with love and genuine care. Duke Ellington and John Coltrane are some of the finest musicians to have ever lived. Classics become classics for a reason.

Greensky Bluegrass – Time

Maybe you can tell by the band name that this submission is going to be a strings and things, roots and boots, pickin’ and grinnin’ tune! It’s a splendid cover of Pink Floyd’s “Time” and “Breathe”. Complete with banjo and mandolin solos, this version is a little more upbeat and fun than the original.

Country Joe & The Fish – Porpoise Mouth

Hearing this song reminds me of my High School history teacher because he introduced me to this band. We were talking about the Vietnam war and he showed us some various examples of the protests. In class, he played the “Fixin to Die Rag” which isn’t a great song but I understand it has it’s purpose. Fortunately, I explored them further and found some of the cooler psychedelic music of the time, this song included.

Gordian Knot – Muttersprache

This progressive metal track really challenges your ear at times. As you journey through its contrasting sections, you can start to feel tense as your emotions are being flipped back and forth. This can be a lot for listeners to handle, but for those looking to enter into a more progressive world, their only album, Emergent, is worth a listen.

Mos Def – Habitat

Mos Def is an absolute legend in the world of hip hop. He is known for his clever wordplay, intelligent concepts, and amazing flow. Mos Def is one of the artists responsible for making New York a capital for hip hop. His 1999 album, Black On Both Sides, is one of my favorite albums of all time. (Explicit Content)

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