May 2019 Releases

Peter Frampton – Georgia On My Mind

Peter Frampton is an absolute role model of a musician. He is constantly learning and growing in his playing, while simultaneously showing music the respect and appreciation we all ought to have towards it. His 2006 album Fingerprints was the one that really changed my view. Similar to Jeff Beck, he sings with his guitar and creates wonderful remakes of songs we know and love.

Boyfriend – Bring It to Mama

Okay, so I know I may be cheating a bit with this playlist. I’ve shared solo work from Stanton Moore (Galactic), I’ve shared work from Galactic themselves, and now here I’m sharing collaboration work from Galactic. Can you pick up any hints about how much I appreciate these artists and love their sound!? Boyfriend has just the right amount of spunk and sass that pairs perfectly with this band.

The Greatest Bits – Knee Slapper Dance Emote

The amount of students and kids that have been obsessed with Fortnite is quite unbearable. Sure it may be a fun game but it literally seems to be like crack for the younger generation… Despite any negative experiences or thoughts you may have with this game, it would be tough to deny that some of the music from the game is catchy. The Greatest Bits does wonderful remakes of these songs and of other titles as well. With almost 60 albums of video game music on Spotify you should be able to find something that tickles your fancy.

Lettuce – Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Maybe it’s just gone under my radar over the past couple decades, but does this song seems to slowly be getting more and more popular? Lettuce is six piece a funk/jam band from Massachusetts. Most of their music is instrumental and non-invasive. It’s a nice type of music to put on when engaged in another activity.

Death Cab for Cutie – I Dreamt We Spoke Again (Louis The Child Remix)

I admit I had to go back to listen to the original song as I had not heard it before the remix. It’s the opening track to their latest project Thank You for Today. It has some elements that remind me of Gorillaz and Portugal the Man. Spacey but structured, simple but engaging the whole time. The remix does add more of an electronic feeling but I think it’s done with the right amount of taste.

Santana – Yo Me Lo Merezco

Carlos Santana has been making music for over for over 50 years and I had the extreme privilege of seeing him live back around 2005. His percussion section has always been on point, his guitar work is smooth and buttery, and he always collaborates with amazing artists. The singer on this track really gives it an authentic sound and I love the way it picks up towards the end for that classic, Santana guitar solo sound.

Trivium – Drowning In The Sand

Trivium is one of the first metal bands that I enjoyed. Their sophomore album Ascendency was released in 2005 and I remember learning at least half the album. I had been playing guitar for 4 years at that point and I think the challenge of playing their music was appealing. Vocals are always a huge turn off for me in metal music. Fortunately the vocal work for their more recent stuff is less intense but I’m on the fence about how I like the newer sound.

Justin Townes Earle – The Saint Of Lost Causes

This artist and the next were recommended to me by our very own Mark Nestman! He’s a fountain of wealth when it comes to information on indie, folk, acoustic, or local artists. Justin Townes Earle is kind of a blend of all of these sounds put together. The new project opens with this self titled song which has a sound that reflects the name perfectly. Sluggish, dragging, and defeated, this track could very well be the theme for the actual saint of lost causes if there is one.

The Head and the Heart – Missed Connections

Ding ding ding! That was the official bell that just rang. It rings when a track receives a “Girlfriend Approved” stamp. This track of their latest project is pretty groovin’ and catchy. The drums maintain a driving rhythm throughout the song and there is a repeated melody sung by a large group of people. I think this makes the song an inviting as it almost feels like I should be joining in and singing with them. This was also recommended by Mark Nestman and I’m looking forward to exploring more of their work.

Denzel Curry – Speedboat (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

I’ve been listening to Denzel Curry since his projects Nostalgic 64 and 32 Zel/Planet Shroom. Now he is definitely more grimy, aggressive, and “inappropriate” than other hip hop artists I’ve shared, but he deserves the recognition. His unique flow and delivery have helped him stand out from the massive wave of new artists over the past decade. His last project TA13OO was insanely good as well. Please check this guy out if you like hip hop!!

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